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I pose the question, why be with someone if you can’t trust them?  According to a loyal reader of gossip site sandrarose.com, Kanye is not too trusting of girlfriend Amber Rose.  Apparently he has his peeps making sure Amber stays faithful while he does his thing across the country. Kanye West is utilizing the services of a family member to keep tabs on Amber Rose.

Here’s what I found out:

Hey Sandra,

Me and my girls were at the club last week in LA for Fabolous party. And we spot Amber Rose grinding and dancing seductively with Fab (mostly) and other high powered men. As this goes down I see frustration on the faces of her brother Antonio Hewlett and a dark skin guy who both came with her to the party.

So I tap my friend and ask her who is the dark skin man near her. And she says that is Kanye West’s cousin Ricky Anderson who is Kanye’s eyes and ears on Amber when Kanye is not around. Also, she told me Amber’s brother Antonio Hewlett is NOT a REAL manager he is around to make sure Amber doesn’t do anything stupid because once Amber is out of the “mix” so is he financially. So both Antonio and Ricky tell Amber it is time to go, to her dismay, they force her to leave becase of how flirty she is getting with other celeb men at the party.

I’m also told, they travel with her everywhere to make sure she isn’t getting out of pocket and stepping out on Kanye with other high powered celeb and industry execs who want to boost their ego by getting her. My thing is, as I’m finding out all this is.. I don’t understand why men of power think they can control a woman, a relationship, and situations with their money and fame. Coming from a woman, if we want something else we are going to get it regardless of how much money, fame, or whatever is being thrown at us. No amount of “spies” is going to stop that. If Amber was satisfied or in a “relationship,” that behavior I saw would not have been demonstrated.

I personally think from my observation, Kanye’s dollars and fame is the ONLY thing keeping her. Or maybe he is content in knowing that and uses her also to throw off the gay rumors. I don’t know. I just thought I’d let you know Sandra. Merry Christmas!!

Why even bother Kanye???

Take a look at the couple below:

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