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Cosmopolitan, one of the sexiest (or sluttiest, depending on what type of girl you are) magazines for women, understands that sex can be unpredictable and impulsive. And if it’s not, then it should be, because no one likes a tried-and-true routine when it comes to the bedroom.

The mag has already made a name for themselves by answering every question and tackling every trouble regarding one’s relationship and sex life, but they’ve only done so in print. And let’s face it, who wants to pull out a pamphlet when in the moment? No one wants to be appear amateur, no matter how low their “number” is.

So, what Cosmo has done is jump on the iPhone Application bandwagon, and created a discreet and seemingly convenient “Sex Position of The Day” program – one you can make available with just a touch of the fingertips (you’re probably gonna end up using those anyway, might as well warm them up).

In their own words, it’s their “go-to version of the Kama Sutra.” Within the app, you’ll discover positions like the “Figure Eight” and “G-Spot Jiggy,” which were designed with female maximum pleasure in mind. The “Romp With A View” position is a great visual stimulant for a man. And the “Rock-a-Bye Booty” will make you use muscles you never knew you had.

The “Carnal Challenge Rating” provides you with a number of flames – the more there are, the higher the position’s difficulty. We suggest working your way up slowly, before blowing your back out trying to do too much before you’re ready. The “Erotic Instructions” are a step-by-step guide and the colorful illustrations show you, quite modestly, exactly what the position should look like so you can seem like a pro.

Ladies, keep your phone in your purse. Men, keep it in your pocket. And when that time of the night comes, sneak away for a second. Pick your favorite, plan ahead, and perform well! Buy it here for only $1.99.

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