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This year there were a lot of celebrity moms that had their first child. Gisele Bundchen is the latest with her delivery of a baby boy with quarterback Tom Brady. With the recent celebrity baby boom, I couldn’t help but reminisce on all four of my pregnancies! If there was anything that I would recommend to any first time mom, especially someone whose husband or spouse is in a profession of being an athlete, entertainer, or executive that travels extensively, it would be to understand that you will have a lot to adjust to the first few weeks of your new bundle of joys life. Not only an adjustment to your baby, but also how to complete everyday tasks despite the fact that your spouse may or may not be around as much, so a lot will fall on you. Very much like a single mom.

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Another thing to prepare for is the lack of sleep. Your spouse will still need to perform at the high levels expected of him from his job. Physically he will still need the nightly rest. Being accommodating to this and understanding this, by waking up with the baby for the nightly feedings, will come into play with all of the adjustments taking place. Does this free him from helping? Not at all. An agreement should be made as to when and what is expected from you both. For example, you may have the night shift during the athletic season, while your spouse may have the day shift, feeding and watching the baby for a few hours. This will allow you to catch up on some rest, household work and or just a break.

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