As women we all want to “preserve the sexy,” at all cost. One day, you will have to become “a human being” in your relationship with bodily functions and all; I know it sucks–right! If not, there will be a time when the lights are low and sex is in the air then, BAM, something creeps out –literally. There is no where to hide, so you envision being caught in a bear trap and gnawing off your left ankle, which has to be less painful than the embarrassment you feel at that very moment. You need to escape with a mad dash, anywhere –away from there, while your boyfriend is probably pretending not to smell anything because the mystery is gone in a big way.

Are You Engaged If There Is NO Ring?

Every woman has to decide what she is comfortable with in her relationship, although some say that your relationship is not legitimate until the bodily function flood-gates open. I say that timing is everything so here is a chart to help you  try and roll those “unfortunates” out slowly:

How To Cleanse And Revive Your Aura

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