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As little girls, we all dreamed of our wedding day and the very first step down the marriage path is engagement. To some love is love and it should never be about superficial gestures; Love should be about what is in the heart. That is true but in this society, we like gestures however small or big. The engagement ring is the ultimate gesture and symbol of the love that two people share. It sends a signal to the world that she is spoken for so all other men should fall back.

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The tradition of engagement rings as we currently know it arose in the medieval era, when, in 1215, Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory waiting period from engagement to marriage. For the first few hundred years in the tradition of engagement rings, only the wealthiest nobles could afford precious stones for their rings, and most engagement rings were simple metal bands. When a larger portion of the population became able to afford rings with precious stones, engagement rings became highly symbolic, many including sets of stones with personal meanings. One popular model featured the birth stones of the engaged couple and each of their parents according to the wise geek.com.

So we are asking, if there is no ring, is there an engagement? Engagement is a symbol to the world of an intent to get married, I say without the symbol the intent is gone. So like Bey said, “if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring.” What do you think?

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