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The holiday season is the worst time of the year to be single second to Valentine’s Day. It is typically known as a time for family and when you are not attached to another, the feeling of despair and loneliness is magnified. There are many people who choose this time to drown themselves in their sorrows and others who choose to be proactive. All hope is not lost and I say that this is the prefect time to get –Mister Right now. Here are three guys that will cover all of your needs this holiday season:

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Winter boyfriend: Everyone needs someone to snuggle with, this is where having a winter boyfriend handy will help. He just needs to be hot, hot and more hot. Also he must love to cuddle, and know how to make you “happy” while laying down. He does not need to be smart or interesting; this is just a seasonal position.

Resume Boyfriend– He looks good on paper and knows all of the right things to say and when to say them, while at your office holiday party. He is intelligent and polished and the two of you look like a great couple on paper. Your relationship could have potential if his ego did not fill up the room. He does not need to be hot or cute; he’s just for events.

Gay Boyfriend:  The main stay for any and every single girl. This is the guy that will get you out of the house,  help you find a sexy outfit– always. The only problem is he will drop you instantly if his boyfriend calls.

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