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TheDad gave me the best kiss ever on New Year’s Eve. It seriously sent chills up my spine. It was very intimate. It’s like our kisses are getting better and better the longer we are together. He kisses me every morning before he leaves for work and every evening when he returns from work. And I’ve said this on the site before, I cherish every kiss.

I am still thinking about that New Year’s Eve kiss a few days later (hence this post.) He’s got me singing Robin Thick all week ( I got the sweetest love…there ain’t nothing sweeter.. I got the sweeeeetest love…..) Anyway I don’t know the words. But it’s something like that.

Kissing is so intimate. I am wondering how many couples still kiss. I mean really kiss each other (bust the slob :-) ) Or, how about holding hands, or hugging throughout the day.. Do you call each other on the phone throughout the workday just to say “Hi. I miss you?” What about sending an email to your spouse that only says: “I love you” or “I miss you?” An email like that would literally take 10 seconds to write. Being intimate with your partner means more than just being sexual. It is also means connecting with your partner emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

It can be really easy to lose the intimacy in a relationship, especially if you let matters of everyday life get in the way. A busy schedule, stress from work, resentment from household chores that are not getting done, and activities with kids are all things that can make you ignore or not feel like doing the little things with your partner that could keep intimacy alive in your relationship.

Intimacy is a key factor for a strong family and a healthy relationship. Studies are now showing that the loss of intimacy and affection are major factors that can lead to divorce (even more than arguments and a lack of respect for each other.) Without intimacy even the smallest of problems can seem like big problems.

Here are a few tips that I found throughout the web on how to keep intimacy alive in your relationship…

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