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“UPDATE: Nas Fails His Sobriety Test (VIDEO)”

Video of Nas attempting to pass his sobriety test has leaked. Watch it below!


“UPDATE: Charges Against Nas Dropped”

UPDATE: How’s this for a twist. We just got info from the courts — Nas’ DUI case has been administratively dismissed. The reason — not enough evidence, because his drug test “came back negative for drugs, including marijuana.” Interesting, especially because Nas admitted to cops he had been smoking weed!

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“Nas Busted For DUI”

Payback’s a b**ch!!! TMZ has learned rapper Nas was busted for DUI near his home in Georgia.

Nas was busted by Henry County cops on September 10, 2009. Law enforcement tells us he was arrested, booked and charges are pending. Nas is in court today in Los Angeles due to his divorce from Kelis — and if custody becomes contentious, the DUI could be a factor.

The arresting officer says he observed “eyelid tremors in both eyes and body tremors.” Cops say the car smelled of “raw marijuana.”

Nas told the officer he had been smoking week at his friend’s hours before he was busted.Nas flunked the field sobriety test after missing steps in a walking test.

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