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There are certain women that have “it” and when we say “it” that is an intangible quality that can not be defined; the french call it je ne sais quoi. This group of women can get men to do whatever, pay for trips, cars and even the mortgage. We are not talking about the average girl, beauty has something to do with it– but that is just a small part. Being a phenomenal woman is another component, but it really seems to be more about these woman’s routine.

Today is No Judgement Fridays, so here goes the 7 habits of highly effective gold digging:

Is Being High Maintenance A Bad Thing?

1) Spend time by yourself first: This is not for the weak of mind, so you really must feel like a million bucks inside and out. Men, especially rich ones can smell insecurity, so get yourself together.

2) Have Coy Confidence: Wealthy men have loads of confidence so you have to be confident and also play hard to get; never eliminate the chase factor.

3) Don’t Be A Hoe: Rich men like the rare, so if you give it to any and everyone you are cheapening your value.

4) Must Be In the Circle: You must frequent the places where the wealthy go; money attracts money.

5) Keep Your Look Tight: That is a key factor of your job, so recognize it. Gold Diggers are not allowed to have down time.

6) Have the Ability To Size Up Your Man: This is a part of your skill set; you always have to know what it takes to maintain that man emotionally, physically and spiritually. He is your meal ticket so his needs ALWAYS supersede yours.

Steve Harvey On Gold diggers And Getting Hitched

7) Be Honest: This one may shock you, but honesty is always the best policy. True gold diggers are not liars. They are manipulative by nature, not as a ploy; that’s just who they are and a lot of men have no problem with it.

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