When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is always that one person that looks effortlessly fabulous. The one family member that seems to have awakened looking like a million bucks. Don’t you just hate them?! Well, why not be that person?

Family gatherings can bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in all of us.

Why not look your best even if you’re behaving your worst? Here are a few fashion-forward trends for looking amazing at the Thankgiving dinner.

Long- sleeved mini dresses-

Yes, honey! Dare to go mini!!! Long-sleeved mini dresses are the epitome of sexiness blended with a touch of elegant sophistication suitable for the dinner table. Pair with opaque black tights, textured hose, or a bright hue, you’ll be sure to knock them dead! (metaphorically, of course!)

Sequin sparkle merino wool dress–

Embellished Shoulder Dress,

Marble Knit Dress,

Strapless dresses-

It’s amazing what a little innocent skin can do. Strapless dresses will always be an eye catching piece. Bare shoulders, arms, and neck scream confidence! Keep it simple in the jewelry department, though. Let you beautiful skin speak for itself. If you’re a little worried this may too much, just add a fitted cardigan, and there you have it!

Bustier Satin Dress,

Canvas Dress By Unique,

Black Eyelash Ruffle Tube Dress–

Oversized sweaters-

Oversized sweaters can slim you down, without making it seem like you’re trying to hard. But remember to wear a fitted bottom to avoid looking “frumpy.” Stay clear of bootcut and wide leg jeans please!! Instead, go with leggings or skinny jeans to add symmetry to your outfit.

Outsiders Oversized V-Neck Sweater,

Knitted Slouchy Cardi–

Cranberry Dolman-Sleeve V-Neck,

Boyfriend jeans-

If you don’t have a pair of these already, what are you waiting for! Same rules apply for oversized sweaters and Boyfriends jeans. You want to stay out of the “frumpy” zone. So a fitted top (a la Beyonce and her beloved one pieces) or blazer exudes sexiness without being over-the-top or extra. Add a hint of personality with a graphic tee and a pair of pointed-toe pumps or booties to complete this style. You’re cousins will definitely hate!

Indigo Cory Boyfriend Jeans,

Joe’s Jeans Ex-Lover Boyfriend Fit Jeans,

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