Beyonce Knowles isn’t ready to be a mom. Even though hubby Jay-Z said procreating is high on their agenda right now, Bey is putting the brakes on!

According to, the singer was recently interviewed overseas and revealed she wants to have children – but not yet:

She said: “It’s not time for that yet. But definitely there will be a time. I want to be a great mother, the kind of mother that I have. I want the same bond that I had with my mom and that would be enough for me.

“The security and love I feel being in a relationship, a marriage, it’s absolutely incredible. Incredible.”

The 28-year-old singer said the time for parenthood would come but for now she was happy just being a couple.

We wonder if these two will ever be on the same page.

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Take a look Beyonce and Jay below:

Beyonce stage dives in London

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