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First, beginner stalkers were given an online home where they could safely practice their craft (aka “Twitter”).

Then, phone companies like T-Mobile offered FREE stalker applications that allow users  keep “track” of your friends and family.

Now, you aren’t even safe in your bra and panties.

Brazilian lingerie company, Lindelucy, has created a lingerie ensemble complete with GPS tracking device!

That’s right ladies! Forget putting a  ring on it!

Lingerie designer Lucia Lorio’s latest collection, “Find Me If You Can,” is a combination of a lace bodice, a bikini trunk and a faux pearl collar.

Check out Lindelucy’s “Find Me If You Can” fashion show below!

It is available in four different versions, with the soul motive of carrying a GPS device so that the user can be located by the partner at all times.

The GPS is the size of one of those old school beepers (remember those?)

This is a sure way of feeling sexy and safe, isn’t it?!

This just sounds dangerous. A lot of people are going to get hurt messing around with this!

Besides, aren’t men known for cheating more than women?

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