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From time to time on urban radio I’ve heard an interesting discussion. I hear radio jocksDJ’s tell women something like this,

DJ: “Stop tripping and let that man see his kids.”

Woman: “But he ain’t paying child support”

DJ: “He needs to see them anyway, that child needs to see their father”

Woman: “But he’s not about nothing, he doesn’t have a job, he has kids all around town he doesn’t take care of, he’s using drugs, disrespecting women, etc… etc… etc…”

DJ: “Don’t take it out on the child, they need to have a relationship with their dad”

I think this is Pure-D Garbage. The argument that having a bad dad is better than no dad at all doesn’t sit right with me. How about that guy get off his butt, get a job to help support those kids then he can see them?

One of the things that’s really terrible is that a man can get a woman pregnant and really walk away from all responsibility…

What do you think? Is a bad dad better than no dad? Read the rest of the article at and speak your piece.

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