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The “pocketbook” is a term for the vagina commonly used among women in the south. To my surprise, it is also a recognized term in the urban dictionary. This week the journey is about both a sensual and beautiful you.  Given that there’s plenty out here to pretty up the pocketbook, you can be looking and feeling like new money in no time.

First things first..a FRESH pocketbook. Try a product like Sweet Spot a gentle feminine wash in either scented or unscented. Check for products that are pH balanced with botanical or natural ingredients. Secondly, it’s your prerogative whether you wax or shave, but please be sure to “mow the lawn”.  Once groomed… express yourself with color, shapes or even bling. My girls at Betty Beauty sell a brilliant dye formulated for the hair down there in many colors from bridal blue to hot pink. The kit comes complete with mini scissors, charm and stencils.

The final step has the potential to put the happy back in home… let me introduce you to PK24 a vaginal tightening crème. PK24 not only tightens the internal walls of the vagina but it works in as fast as five minutes and can last for up to 24 hours. This has changed my perspective on how much you can accomplish in a day. Clinically tested, made from a special blend of plant extracts and when used as directed, it produces no known side effects. I was so blown away I had to go out and get the word on the street. To see the clip click here

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