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When it comes to the typical hair cleansing process, ethnic women are often already at a disadvantage. The amount of time and energy that is required to maintain our hair, is in direct opposition to our desire to wash and condition every day.  The process is too long and tedious to repeat every morning, and accordingly the wash-and-set routine is often reserved for a once weekly (or even bi-weekly for some) routine trip to the beauty salon. Add consideration of the damaging effects of daily shampooing to the equation, and the prospect becomes totally unappealing.   Enter Wen, a new set of hair care products dedicated to the momentous task of managing and cleansing hair in a healthier, low maintenance way.

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I have used shampoo and conditioner religiously all of my life. In fact, we probably all have, as there are hardly any alternatives available, or accessible.  When I received my Wen samples I was immediately skeptical.  I thought that the product would most likely be nothing more than another set of shampoo and conditioner neatly disguised in some new packaging. As it turns out, Wen is in fact a different product, worth your consideration.  The Cleansing Conditioner and Re-Moist Hydrating Mask are alternatives to shampoo and conditioner, that do the job of getting your hair clean without the same damaging effects. The product is applied in the same way as shampoo, though it does not require lathering, and so the process is slightly less abrasive to the scalp.  Chaz Dean, veteran hairstylist and product founder, created Wen hoping to nourish and invigorate both the hair and scalp. In many ways he has delivered.

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Wen is definitely easy to use, and leaves hair with a less processed feel after treatment.  Most importantly, it performs the same job as your shampoo, but is ten-fold more thoughtful of the effect it has both on your own health and that of the environment. Wen products are made with organic ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice, rosemary extract, chamomile extract and avocado oil, all of which are welcomed alternatives to the harsh detergents and sodium laurel/laureth sulfates found in most all shampoos.

I know that as black women, it can be hard for us to stray from our usual formulas when it comes to hair care. Still, I encourage you to try Wen, as its product line does offer benefits beyond measure in terms of its healthy perspective on hair care. Revamp your routine, and give Wen a try ladies. Its worth it!

The Wen products are moderately priced and available here and here for purchase.

Check out this video to learn more about how to use Wen products:

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