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Are plus-size women finally be taken seriously?

It appears so!

In September, Glamour Magazine debuted a very provocative feature, “What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body,” which commented on self-image and how to gain respect for you body. It wasn’t the content that shook up Glamour readers, but the plus-size model they used for the spread.

20-year-old plus-size model Lizzie Miller changed the face of fashion by posing nude for the story, which received immense amounts of positive feedback. The reaction was so profound, that Glamour decided to follow up their plus-size love in their November issue, again having plus-size models pose nude in the name of confidence.

Check out Lizzie Miller discussing her photoshoot:

The love for “real-size” women has become so overwhelming that Glamour pledged to, moving forward, use more plus-size women in their issues than ever before:

“Enthusiastic support for any designer who manufactures chic clothes we can photograph on full-bodied models. Isn’t it time for changes like these? Reality, after all, is everywhere. On Twitter, Demi Moore tweets matter-of-factly about her body: “I still have excess skin & stretch marks!” And then, “Comes with having a few kids 4 some of us!” Scott Schuman, a.k.a. the Sartorialist, has attracted a cult following by photographing real people with great style — and quirks.”

Plus-Size Women Are Too Whiny!

And it looks like they’ll be keep their promises.  Glamour Editor Cindi Leive, discussed the December issue that has First Lady Obama as one of its five covers, and the steps taken to make sure “real” women are represented:

“We’ve shot stories for every issue from now through February using fabulous plus-size models, and not just in our feature shoots, but also in fashion and beauty,” she said. “One of the plus-size models who was featured in our original story is in one of our two major fashion features in December, and looks amazing,” she added. So going forward, the models are finally clothed, Leive told us. “It only seemed fair, much to my husband’s chagrin.”

We’ll see if Lieve and Glamour will keep their promises!

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