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HelloBeautiful recently sat down with Audrey Griffin, the former Vice President of Behind the Bench: the National Basketball Wives Association and new blogger for HelloBeautiful’s Mommy Beautiful.  Audrey also has a forthcoming book called “The Day I Took Off My Cape,” which was edited by award winning writer Asha Bandele. “The Day I Took Off My Cape” is a liberating parenting and contemporary family book that gives essential tips in everything from child rearing, family management, marriage and personal growth among other key things including reclaiming your sexy as a mom!

HB: What drives you?

Audrey: What drives me is the un-relentless desire to inspire mothers everywhere to re-claim their power and bring real balance to their lives so that they are not only the great mothers they already are, but also so that they can fully become the great women they envision themselves to be. I’m passionate about this because my life came full circle on the day that I re-claimed my power as a mother and a woman and brought them together because society tends to separate the two. Once I did that it allowed me to put in place the balance I needed to further cultivate my personal development as an individual and become an even better mother, wife and woman. That is what’s driven me to write “The Day I Took Off My Cape.” What also drives me is the joy I feel when I can help others do well in life and of course the love for my family.

HB: Why do you think that it’s important to take on the stereotype of the spoiled, rich athletes wife?

Audrey: Because it is not every athletes wife’s truth. The majority of us do not fit these stereotypes and it is long overdue to shed a light on the positive things we do for our families and our communities.

HB: Why do feel that it’s important to be a hands-on mom?

Audrey: Because we are the first examples our children will see in the world and it needs to be a good one. That is my responsibility as a parent. That doesn’t mean I am perfect. My kids know that as a mother I may make mistakes but I have their best interests in heart. Children are gifts from God and I simply want to cherish them and nourish them to have the best start in life possible. If I don’t, who will?

HB:  Do you think that it is possible to have it all?

Audrey: Yes! If you are happy, appreciative of what you have and incorporate realistic balance into your life, you will realize you do have it all!

HB: Why do you think that so many moms feel that they have to be superwoman?

Audrey: Because I think no one wants to ‘fail’ at being a good parent, wife, family member, friend or whatever your definition of being a superwoman is. Sometimes in order not to feel like a failure women place unnecessary pressure on themselves to portray a perfect superwoman image that they believe society, neighbors and even friends expect of them. However once the realization is made that no one is perfect and one begins to appreciate themselves for who they are and the great contributions they are already making daily in their family, that’s when things come full circle and one can really be the superwoman they were created to be.EX

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