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Fergie recently sat down with The Advocate, the US-based national gay and lesbian news magazine, and while speaking on her fans, she had some choice words to say about Kanye West’s influence on hip-hop.

When did you first feel love from the gay audience?

Well, come on, I toured with Cher and Cyndi Lauper in 1999 when I was in Wild Orchid. I love my gays so much, but I don’t think a lot of people know that, which bothers me sometimes. People don’t associate the Black Eyed Peas with the gay market, but our new record is a huge dance record, so people are starting to catch on. I want more gay love!

Gays don’t always know where they stand with straight guys in hip-hop. Do the other three Peas appreciate their gay fans?

They’re completely gay-friendly. Are you kidding me? Look at how they dress! [Laughs] Kanye West really did a great thing for hip-hop and made it very mixed and open.

GLAM OR GROSS: Fergie Gets Trashy

Perez Hilton is one gay isn’t so friendly with. How did it feel being linked to their altercation at June’s MuchMusic Video Awards?

Honestly, to be real with you, there’s a court case going on, so I’m really not allowed to speak about it.

OK, but what surprised me most about the incident was that it escalated after you confronted Perez about his negative coverage of you and your music on his blog. I was surprised you’d even care about one queen’s opinion.

Yeah, I did. Because when I see somebody I thought was my friend or starting to be my friend… [Sighs] When someone talks out of both sides of their mouth, it just makes me question their integrity.

THE FIGHT: VS. Perez Hilton

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