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Is your living room so small that it makes you feel claustrophobic? Chances are it has more to do with the decor than with the dimensions, even if in fact it is a very tiny room. Believe it or not you can make significant changes without spending a great deal of money.

1) Are your walls dark and laden with pictures and hanging decor? Or are they light, airy and minimally covered? To make a room feel bigger, paint the walls with a light color such as white or pale yellow. In choosing a color take into consideration the amount of sunlight the room receives. If it is on the north side of the house, receiving little or no direct sunlight, a pale yellow is your best choice. If, on the other hand the room does receive a substantial amount of sun, you can go with a pale green or blue. The color you choose should have little or no black tint (ask your paint store for suggestions).

2) Consider removing your window treatments completely. This will open your room up drastically. Heavy drapes close a room in and make it feel dark. If you want something on the windows for privacy use mini blinds in white or wall color. For softness, add window treatments that are minimal in size such as a rod pocket and keep them light in color. Sheers work well too. When placing them position the rods outside of the window so that the curtain does not cover the window at all. This will make the windows feel larger as well and let in more light.

How to decorate your living room

3) Remove any dark or heavy pictures or wall hangings. Dark, heavy frames give the feeling of pulling the walls in. Numerous items on a wall will do the same thing. Instead try scattering just a few select items in light colors with light weight, light colored frames.

4) If possible use only a small amount of furniture and avoid heavy, big sofas and chairs. Consider painting tables and/or chairs white or covering your sofa with a light colored fabric. Using light colors, that are close to the wall color, will make the room feel more open and airy and the less cluttered the better!

How to choose a living room paint color

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