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Tameka in chair

HB recently sat down with Tameka Foster.  In Part 1 you read her thoughts on the media, how she got her start in the industry and her charity “Lost Ones.”  Below,  Tameka discusses marriage, divorce and shares style tips.

We have a lot of women that read our site, and most of our readers are working on a budget. Everyone is working on a budget. Can you share some of your style tips with our readers? How to get a certain look for less than a hundred dollars? How to have that one signature item?

Tameka: They are staple [items] of course. You shouldn’t follow too many trends if you’re really on a small budget. Get staples that are really inexpensive places like H&M and Forever 21 and Wet Seal and even Target that have fashionable pieces that you can get for your wardrobe like if you’re going for a corporate style, you can get a basic black skirt, and they sell them in every store. A lot of what makes clothes look better is the way they fit. It’s all about the fit. If you can get a good person to alter them [clothes] for you, I mean you can get alterations at your local dry cleaners, if they’re a person that works on staff, you can have things customized to fit your body better.

HB: We’ll definitely share that with our readers.

HB: Do you think you’ll every get married again?

Tameka: I would love to, and I am in love with the idea of love, so no I’m not ‘anti-love’ or anything, so yea I’d be open for it.

HB: So what do you look for in a man?

Tameka: Loyalty. Like most women do. Yea, loyalty. Like when I say loyalty I don’t mean it to be confused with fidelity. Loyalty means you’re loyal to whatever it is that you believe in. A person that’s loyal in their beliefs and they stand firm regardless whatever opposition. I could see myself being with an activist or some kind of… someone for a cause, right. Yes, someone for a cause and they’re passionate about and they’re loyal to it no matter even if I said ‘I don’t believe in it’ they have a mission and a goal with their cause. So loyalty is job one I’d say.

HB: I know most women’s divorces aren’t as publicized as yours, is there any advice you can give women that are going through such a difficult time?

Tameka: I would tell them all to stay prayerful. I don’t want to sound cliché-ish in saying so, but it’s what I found to be the most consoling thing. Stay prayerful, and to ask God for direction because whatever they’re going through, especially if it’s regarding your relationship, if you were meant to be, then God would fix it. And if it’s not meant to be, then He may be clearing the doorway for who should be there, you know? I so agree with you. It’s easier said then done. When you’re going through it, a lot of people would be like ‘get out of here lady’ when you’re going through, but that’s just the truth.

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