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Actress Gabrielle Union turned 36 this past weekend and we must say she looks damn good for her age!! The actress recently did a photo shoot for the current issue of Men’s Health magazine, and shared a few things on women and sex.  Here’s what she had to say:

Women talk entirely to damn much

Gabrielle says: “When you’re in the dating phase, you tell your friends everything. Was it big? Did he know what to do with it? Is he into oral? Everything. The dissection is complete.”

Women do not want to feel used after sex

Gabrielle says: Nobody wants to feel like just a vessel. You want equal participation, so it’s not ‘68 and I owe ya one.’

Gabrielle tried to keep Dwyane Wade a secret

Women love oral. Learn to “eat the box”…and enjoy it

Gabrielle says: “If it’s a choice between a man who gives flowers and a man who enjoys giving oral, most women would take the oral. And it’s free. Oral sex is recession-proof.”

Being a 2 minute man isn’t impressive, Being a marathon man isn’t either…

Gabrielle says: “If both people can climax quickly, sex doesn’t need to go on for 2 hours — at some point, Law & Order is coming on! But it’s terrible if a man is 2 minutes and you’re nowhere close.”

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