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We’re all about healthy living here at HelloBeautiful. We understand that women struggle with weight loss and consider taking desperate measures to see their favored results, but we’re not so sure about this method.

The Chugay Tongue Patch is a new weight-loss treatment that involves a postage-stamp-sized piece of mesh being surgically attached to your tongue in order to make chewing solid foods more difficult and painful. The reversible procedure takes less than an hour, and intends to lessen your overall food consumption. The patch remains in your mouth for a month, serving as a daily reminder. During that time, your nutritional needs are filled by a liquid diet.

The website claims that “recovery is rapid; and patients are typically able to return to work the following day.”

The procedure has supposedly become quite popular in Southern California, with 10 people already having undergone it.

Would YOU use the Chugay Tongue Patch?

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