There are many ways to workout at home that don’t involve buying expensive home gym equipment. As a matter of fact, you can get a better at home workout with bodyweight calisthenics, dumbbells of a combination or both.

1) Bodyweight Calisthenics

Bodyweight exercises and calisthenics are something you can do right now. You don’t need any expensive equipment, although I would recommend getting a pull up bar. And don’t let the simplicity of bodyweight workouts fool you. They are very effective at improving fitness, burning off fat and building a strong, athletic body.

Even just doing as many bodyweight circuits of squats, push ups and crunches in 15 minutes can be a great at home workout. But the fact of the matter is, there are hundreds of bodyweight exercises and ways to combine so you will never be left wanting for an effective fat burning, muscle building workout.

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2) Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one of the best training devices available… bar none. Unfortunately, they are often neglected and used only for isolation type exercises to hit small muscle groups. This is a big mistake because they can provide one of the best full body workouts. And you can do them in the comfort of your 0wn home.

I especially like dumbbell workouts because you can use the dumbbells with both limbs at the same time, one limb at a time or in an alternating fashion. This trains your body in the way it most naturally moves in the real world. Plus, they are great for building muscle and burning fat.

3) Bodyweight Calisthenics And Dumbbells

In my opinion, one of the best ways to workout at home is to combine bodyweight calisthenics with dumbbell exercises. The possibilities are endless and the workout is ultra effective. Here’s why…

Exercise is really about movement. There is the movement of your own body. And there is the movement of weighted objects. So, when you train using bodyweight exercises and dumbbells combined you are using the two best tools. And the results are fitness increases you can use, health benefits you can feel and appearance improvements (less fat and more muscle), you can see.

Try an at-home workout today and see how much better you perform, feel and look.

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