I will keep this short and directly to the point because, as of now, there is only so much to be said.

Whether it was Senator Obama’s dynamic speech, Michelle Obama’s form-fitting turquoise dress opening night, or daughter Eisenhower’s proclamation of her support for the Democratic Party this election despite having been a lifelong Republican; I don’t know. But, at this point, all that matters is this: the Democratic National Convention had me saying, “John McCain who?!”

Evidently, I wasn’t the only person who felt that way. Why else would McCain select Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential pick for this year’s election if he wasn’t desperately seeking attention?

Political platforms and promises aside, McCain is officially (in my mind, anyway) a bonafide stuntman, doing all he can to match history in the making with what he believes to be its equal. In other words, McCain understands that all the hype that surrounded the battle between Hilary and Barack for the Democratic ticket could have only been matched, if at all, by a young, former beauty-pageant-runner-up-turned-hockey-mom as the VP pick.

Good move McCain; I’m impressed. But, what now? Do you expect Hilary’s entire following to turn Republican overnight with the newfound scent of estrogen in the air? And, to briefly address Sarah’s and Michelle’s aesthetic appeal (since it has been eluded to many times since Palin was picked), do you really think Sarah Palin can compete with Michelle Obama’s brick house? Methinks not.

McCain, you are too old to be playing games. Period. But thanks for keeping me entertained…honestly.

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