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Our favorite hip hop mogul recently sat down with Elle Magazine to discuss a range of topics, from his love life to his childhood.  Diddy opens up and gets candid about some of the more intimate aspects of his busy life. The full interview will be available in Elle’s November 2009 issue, but in the meanwhile, check out these tidbits to hear him talk relationships, marriage, sex and Midnight Blue Pornos!

ELLE: Were you a sexually precocious kid?

SEAN COMBS: I was in pursuit of female attention from when I was probably four or five. It started with my mother’s friends putting me to sleep on their laps. But I wasn’t really asleep; I was enjoying the way it felt to lay on a pair of beautiful breasts.

ELLE: And how did your first time go?

SC: Great, but I’d had a lot of practice from watching this show on cable called Midnight Blue, where they had actual scenes from pornos. Me and Midnight Blue had a Thursday night at one o’clock date-I’d make sure my mother was asleep, take a shower, lock the door, put on cologne.

ELLE: Wasn’t there an awful lot of talking from Midnight Blue host Al Goldstein?

SC: Yeah, he definitely talked a lot. And he interrupted. But it taught me mind control.

ELLE: Your dad was shot to death when you were only three. Who taught you how to behave with women?

SC: A couple years ago, my psychologist came to the conclusion that this is one of the big problems I have as far as maturing in a relationship. After my father got killed, my mother said, “I’m never getting married again. I don’t want men around my children.” So I’ve never actually been able to witness a husband and wife’s love. Sometimes when I see it with my friends, I just find myself staring like a child, because I’ve never actually seen it before. It’s one of the sad parts of my life.

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ELLE: So what kind of behavior does this bring out in relationships?

SC: When a relationship gets to a certain point, I probably get scared and become a little self-destructive.

ELLE: By self-destructive, do you mean going out with other women?

SC: Yeah.

ELLE: If you get caught cheating red-handed, what’s the best response?

SC: Cry. It might not work, but it at least shows that you care. Goddamn, this is a deep interview. You didn’t ask Will Smith none of this s**t!

ELLE: But we’re making such valuable progress! Just tell me: Are the tears real?

SC: Yeah, it hurts me. One of my weaknesses is that I actually have a conscience.

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ELLE: What’s the nicest thing your mother ever did for you?

SC: She sacrificed. My mother’s a beautiful woman and could have been in a relationship to help out with the bills. She didn’t want to go that route, so she worked four jobs and sacrificed a lot-dresses or shoes she might have bought-for me.

ELLE: Do you feel any guilt about that now?

SC: My mother’s no dummy. She taught the lesson about sacrificing for your kids, but also that if your kids hit it big, they better make it up to you for those years. She’s gotten her sacrifices back with interest.

ELLE: What’s the most extravagant gift you’ve given your mom?

SC: The house she’s in now.

ELLE: So you bought her, what, a nice split-level with an attached garage?

SC: Nah, nah, nah. We’re talking about something behind some gates. Like I said, she’s making up for it.

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