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If you are having trouble choosing a paint color for your living room, then follow these simple steps.#

If you would like to have a living room that is cheerful and bright, then your paint color is the most influential factor in achieving this goal. Paint color can determine the comfort level and style of a room.

If you have ever walked into a room and felt like the walls were closing in on you, then the paint on the walls is probably to blame. After visiting your local hardware store or paint department, you have probably realized that choosing a paint color for your living room can be a challenging task. There are so many templates of color to choose from and the decorating options seem endless. With a few helpful tips, you can choose a living room color that will bring life and enjoyment to your living space.

Lighter Shades Make a Room Appear to be Larger

If you have a large living space, then dark colored paint might work for you. Otherwise, a lighter paint shade is best. Your eyes tend to be drawn to the darkest portions of a room, so dark colored walls will force your line of vision downward. As a result, you will feel like the walls are closer to you than they really are. On the other hand, light colored walls force your eyes to look upward, and the result is a more open and expansive view. Unless you have an overly large living space and you are trying to reduce the feel of the size of the living room, you will want to use lighter shades of paint.

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Paint doesn’t have to be Pastel

Often times, it is assumed that lightly shaded paint means that the color of dye in the paint has to be pastel. Interestingly enough, you can have walls that are painted with a brown colored dye and the effect is still an open and airy living space. The color of the paint isn’t as critical as the amount of dilution of the dye in the paint. So go ahead and decorate your living room with browns, grays, purples, reds, and blues, just don’t choose dark, heavy shades of those colors. In general, think of tones that will reflect the natural light in the room rather than absorb it.

Neutral Shades of Paint Don’t Have To Be Boring

Most people like to decorate a living room with a palate that offers them a clean slate. It is difficult to decorate a living area if the color of the room is too unique or too unusual to accommodate decorative accessories. Neutral shades of living room paint are the most popular for catching the attention of potential buyers. Fortunately, neutral shades of paint don’t have to be boring. There are many available paint hues in off-white, yellow, gold, bronze, peach, brown, green, and gray that offer a neutral color scheme without producing a state environment. Neutral shades are often vibrant and fresh.

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