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We all know how much Beyonce loves her father, so you know she must be hurting after finding out her dad got another woman pregnant, and may even be considering dropping him as her manager.

According to, Beyonce said: “I am 28 and about to have a new baby brother or sister”… WOW … Here’s what they found out:

Beyonce is said to be “very upset” over the paternity suit filed against her father, Mathew Knowles, so much so that she’s considering letting him go as her manager. A source tells the National Enquirer that while Mathew and wife Tina have gone through rough patches in the past, Beyonce is “angry that her father didn’t have enough sense to protect himself” in this situation. The source adds, “Beyonce says a big part of being successful and happy is being focused, and she can’t do that when she has to deal with her father’s antics.” Now you have to consider the source……It’s the Enquirer. But they have been right about quite a few things in the past.

There’s been talk that Beyonce and her father just started working on a film based on his life. This whole ordeal (true or not) will make his movie even juicier to watch!!

Does Bey’s dad have another kid on the way?

Take a look at Beyonce below:

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