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The first step towards a clutter free existence in the bathroom is organizing, eliminating and keeping it simple.

1) Begin by bringing two boxes into your bathroom. Use one box for necessities and the other for items that are used infrequently.

2) Clear off the countertop and empty the contents of every drawer and your medicine chest into the boxes, sorting as necessary.

3) When sorting through items, evaluate everything. Do you really need three bottles of half-used hairspray? Remember, “when in doubt, throw it out!”

4) While everything is out of its storage place, take a few minutes to wipe all surfaces clean.

5) Starting with the medicine chest, replace only those items that you use every day.

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6) Next, clean and replace any counter top items that are used daily or serve as decoration.

7) Sort frequently used items into drawers, categorizing them into a hair drawer, a makeup drawer, etc. If necessary, use drawer dividers to keep things neat.

8) Under the sink, place cleaning items on one side and any extra soap and shampoo bottles on the other.

9) If you have room left in the cabinet, you can sort small items into plastic containers and stack these on a shelf.

10) Whatever items remain in the box are probably things you no longer need or use. Toss these items out. For anything you can’t bear to part with, place it in another bathroom or in the back of a linen closet.

If you wind up being pressed for space, here are some great accessory ideas:

If you don’t have room to store towels, consider a space-saving towel rack that clips over the back of the bathroom door.

Transform the dead space over your toilet by adding a stacked cabinet to store some of those items that were kept under the sink.

Consider installing a shower dispenser on the wall to dispense liquid soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Now that your bathroom is organized, you have room to add decorative touches such as potpourri. Not only will your bathroom feel more comfortable and look great, but it will smell great, too. Bet you didn’t realize that getting organized could be such a beautiful thing!

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