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Want to update your boring kitchen cabinets?  Before you tear them out and replace them with expensive new ones, why not save some cash by painting them, this will give them a new life that’s sure to brighten your entire kitchen.

Here are 6 easy steps:

Step 1

Remove the cabinet doors, hinges and all. Unscrew them from their hinges and write down between the holes on each hinge where exactly each particular door goes. This will save you considerable trouble later on.

Step 2

Use an all purpose cleaner and a rag to clean all the dirt, dust, and food residue from all of your cabinet doors.

Step 3

Sand the surface down. Use a fine sandpaper and go over the entire surface of the doors, including the edges. This will create texture for the primer to hold on to so it clings properly to the wood.

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Step 4

Prime your cabinet doors. Make sure that the primer is designed for the type of paint you’ll be using. Once the primer is dry, sand it down a bit using a fine sandpaper. This will smooth out any irregularities or bumps in the surface, and will help the paint adhere better without chipping later on.

Step 5

Apply the paint. Make sure you use a good quality paint brush. Apply the paint in a thin, even layer. Two to three thin layers should do it for most cabinets.

Step 6

Re-attach the doors. Attach the hinges to the cabinet doors first, then remount them inside the cabinets. This is where labeling their proper positioning ahead of time really pays off, as you will not have to spend any time figuring out what goes where.

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