Now that you’ve decided to commit to getting in shape here are some helpful tips to get you started.

1. Write it Down – Write down what your goals are and post it where it will remind you of the goals you have set.

2. Put a number to it – Decide how many days a week you can realistically exercise. Life happens, and you don’t want “everyday” to be the cause of you throwing in the towel all together on your goals.

3. Keep it Realistic – Determine how much weight you want to lose. Although the idea of losing 10 lbs in a week sounds great on infomericals it’s neither realistic nor healthy. Weight loss goals should be based on losing 1 – 2 lbs per week.

4. Partner Up – Enlist your most energetic and reliable friend and use each other for accountability.

5. Set Yourself up for Success – People have greater success adding to their daily life than taking away. Try this, “I will eat at least one cup of fruit three times each week.” When you add in fruit and vegetables you often have less room for chips and dip.

6. Don’t Forget to Follow-up – When you write down your goals take the time to write down follow-up dates in your calendar. For weekly goals check on yourself every three months, and for monthly goals check on yourself in six months.

7. Last, but not Least, Remember to Reward – Treat yourself to a massage, a facial or a new outfit when your goal has been met and has become a habit.

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