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Frankie came out to the BET Hip Hop Awards to promote her hit show “The Frankie & Neffe Show”… Keyshia Cole’s mom was overcome with emotion as she spoke about how thankful she was for her daughter Keyshia and God… We’re also hearing that  Frankie found 2 more of her children last week that she hasn’t seen in years…

“She’s been taking care of me since [inaudible] don’t get it twisted. Matter of fact, she’s the reason why I got my esteem back and my hope. When I got out of prison, If it wasn’t for her, I would not be walking the red carpet. Shout out to God. My baby gave me so much encouragement, no matter how I look. “Mama you are beautiful. Mama you are fine”.

Take a look at Frankie breaking down:

Frankie has a new man, and he’s only 21!

Check out Frankie as she flashes her grill on the red carpet:

Frankie has dance off with kids!!

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