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There are certain things that good girls do not ever do and having sex with another woman’s husband is definitely at the top of the list. Technically, you are not dating because the word dating implies going out and if he is married, going out is usually kept to a minimum so we will say having sex with ‘her husband’. We are a community; here to support our sisters without judgment, no matter what she does. Hey, you may say to yourself, “I do not know her like that and just because she is my cousin “Peaches” best friend, does not mean that I am wrong.” Wrong is a judgment and you have entered the judgment free zone. You know that there is no one to confide in about this because everyone will think that you are a slut. Here are some of the things, no one else will tell you, to remember when you think of being apart of an affair. Know thy self and always use condoms.

1. You are number two in his world so play your position. Do not get too demanded and needy. That diva behavior only works with a boyfriend that has no other option but to put up with your multiple attitudes and occasional irregularity. By definition the mistress is supposed to be his escape from the stressful life that he has with his wife.

2. Keep a man and when I say man, I mean another male companion. ‘Married’ will want to be the only man that you are seeing but you are in control. If you have another relationship then it can help temper your emotions.

3. Low-income men are not an option. He is married and you are single. So he has to be able to help you financially. Keep it in check if he helps you to much then you might start to depend on him and the last thing you want to be is demanded of someone’s elses husband. When you’re not with him at least you can shop.

4. Never say the three words, “I Love You!” Once you let those words come out of your mouth you will start to act like you are in love and with that declaration will come a sense of ownership. He is not your man. He is on loan from his wife.

5. This last one is an oldie but a goodie: He is never leaving his wife for you, never, ever, ever no matter how much he may complain about their relationship. He will not leave and in the small chance that he does divorce his wife. He will decide that he wants to cheat on you too. Look, you let him have his cake and eat it too, so why should he stop now. Kiss the monogamist, committed relationship fantasy with ‘Married’ good-bye–not happening.

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