Okay I admit it, I slacked off on my pedicure game…This girl usually goes once a week to get the toes right, but lately I’ve been so busy, I have not given them a second thought. Until today.

Let me start by saying that, as much as I love the N-Y-C, it is dirty, grimy and disgusting in the summer. Even though the toes are in desperate need of a pedicure, yours truly decided to wear flip-flops to work today (mistake #1). As I entered the building, I looked down and was horrified at the condition of my feet. Picture this: grime and dirt taking up residence on my feet. What is a girl to do?

I went for the quick fix (mistake #2): going into the ladies room, weting a paper towel, using the mystery soap and proceeded to scrub the dirt off, and frowning at my lack of progress. So, for the remainder of the day, I tried to hide them under my desk, that is until I walked by my co-worker’s desk and saw – yes, wait for it – Dr. Scholl’s “For Her” Pumice Foot Scrub and Foot Butter. I snatched them up quicker than a bridezilla looking for her wedding dress at the “Running of the Brides Sale” at Filene’s Basement.

As soon as I got home, I went straight into the shower, armed with my newfound products. My feet were begging to be scrubbed, exfoliated and pampered. The moment I massaged my feet with the pumice-infused, peppermint-scented foot scrub, I was hooked. My feet felt great instantly and were noticeably smoother all over. The scrub was less abrasive than an actual pumice stone, and the light peppermint scent was not as overwhelming as I thought it would be. Once I got out the shower, I opened the foot butter, which contains a deep moisturizing blend of shea butter, glycerin and lavender (one of my favorite scents) and proceeded to massage my tired, aching feet. My feet felt instantly softer. I may actually use this on my elbows and knees as they, too, could use some help.

After indulging in these products, I didn’t feel so bad about skipping the salon.

Pumice Foot Scrub, $4.99

Foot Butter, $6.99

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