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We just found out that Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie is going through it..she broke up with her much younger boyfriend Lamon and is not handling it well.

Here’s what we found out from freddyo.com:

Frankie is like that aunty that everyone and there mama has, she knows how to have a good time, but for the last few weeks she has been going threw it… A few weeks ago I found out that her and Lamon her lover had come to an end and she was pissed… At her shows premier party I asked Frankie where was the love of her life Lamon, she replied ” he f-king up.” I was then lost for words because she seemed to be so deeply in love with him and even got his name tatted on her back! I couldn’t even imagine having somebody’s name tattooed on my back, just to break up with them not even 3 months later, before the scars healed.

One of her friends told me that they were taking some time apart but she came on the Ryan Cameron show to let the world know its over. Frankie once told me life for her is all about having fun with her family, and if you know Frankie you know she loves her men and don’t mind a little kiss and makeup …..But if you know Frankie you know she moves on quick and is a strong black women …

Frankie has also decided to clean up her image saying that she wanted to stop drinking and is going to stop saying “man down” and start telling these men to “man up”… So no more crazy pictures of Frankie having a good time … damn!!!

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Take a look at Frankie out and about:

Take a look at Frankie talking about getting married to Lamon:

Keyshia Cole mom acts out!!

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