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Over the past weeks, the world has finally gotten a little peek into  the marriage and private lives of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. On Oprah’s show, Whitney told of marital discord and on VH1’s Behind the Music, Bobby told his side of what really happened throughout their 14 year marriage, and as speculated, drugs, alcohol and abuse were the building blocks. After their turbulent divorce and because of prenuptial agreement, Bobby Brown ended up penniless and homeless and forced to face his downward spiraling relationship with alcohol, cocaine and heroin. In each of their television interviews, no one came out untainted and neither appeared to be the good guy or the bad guy.

Both Bobby and Whitney revealed themselves to be two people stuck in a cycle of passion, pain and destruction. Upon the release of her new CD, by all appearances, Whitney seems to be moving on well in her new life without Bobby Brown, but what about Bobby? He has made a few appearances on a reality show, he has reunited and has been touring with the old members of his previous singing group, New Edition, and there is rumored to be a new tell all book soon to be released, but nothing really significant has happened yet in his career.

Will Bobby Brown be able to get back on his feet and make a strong new start sans Whitney? What do the planets indicate? Bobby Brown is an Aquarius born 2/15/1969. Aquarians are known for their stanch need for independence and Bobby’s chart reveals that his desire for a fresh break and his Moon in the analytical sign of Virgo may have been mostly responsible for his decision to make a new start in his life without the hindrance of alcohol and drugs. Saturn the planet of karmic realization has given him an opportunity to take a long hard look at his circumstances and encourages him owe up to his part in his once negative lifestyle.

Next year, Jupiter the planet of ‘wider horizons’ will encourage Bobby Brown to rediscover his ‘muse’ and grow in different way with his creativity. If he can stay away from his ‘demons’ he’ll definitely have a shot at redefining a career path and finding a brand new audience. Bobby might be down right now, but he certainly is not out, there will always be someone curious to know what he is doing. With hope he’ll be able to fulfill their curiosity in constructive ways and regain their respect!

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