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You may be qualified for the job, but saying the wrong thing on an interview can leave you empty-handed and unemployed. So, be careful and make sure to never say these things when it comes to having that first one-on-one with your possible future employer.

“I Need The Money…” Even if the fact that you only have $25 in your bank account is the reason you’re going back to work, don’t ever mention it. It may unintentionally sound like you’re there only to earn money and that you’re not really interested in working. The goal is to always show passion and enthusiasm for the company and the position you are being interviewed for.

“It’s Worse Than Being A Republican/Democrat…” It’s wise to remain neutral by keeping your political views to yourself. Even if you feel fairly certain that the interviewer (and company) share your perspective, this type of conversation can easily lead to major disagreements and conflict.

“Thank The Lord…” It’s beautiful to have faith, but similar to discussing politics at work, religious statements, even innocuous ones, aren’t a good tactic during job interviews. They could possibly offend the person you’re meeting with, or cause them to see you in an inaccurate light.

“My Kid’s Always Getting Sick…” Oftentimes, a mention of kids or family may come into the conversation and it’s always nice to give a little taste of your life outside of the office. But don’t take that too far. If you mention that your child is constantly getting sick, an employer may worry that you’ll be easily absent or distracted because of it.

“What The Hell…” While certain curse words seem to have become part of popular vernacular, they aren’t the right way to spice up your personal sales pitch. Keep your language clean as a whistle on job interviews. There’s never a good reason to use expletives to get your point and your passion across! (Read more here)


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