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Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. This is where we recharge our batteries, escape from the outside world and even indulge ourselves.

We spend one third of our lives sleeping in the bedroom. If your bedroom is filled with clutter and chaos, your body will identify with that energy, and you can forget about getting a good night sleep.

To create a perfect feng shui bedroom, here are some simple, practical tips you can use:

1. Do not position the foot of your bed in direct alignment with your bedroom door. Since the chi (energy) enters each room through a doorway you don’t want this energy targeting your body as you’re sleeping. You do want your bed positioned so that you can view the doorway. This keeps you in a power position. If you must keep your bed aligned with the door, place a large plant, bench or other object in front of the bed to create a shield between you and the door.

2. Remove desks, computers, and exercise equipment that are associated with activity. It’s best not have them in a bedroom as the feeling of rest will be forced right out of the room. If you have no other option, then try to place your equipment behind a screen or large plant to create a partition.

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3. Don’t sleep with a clock radio, telephone/cell phone, or computer near your head. Keep them 4 to 6 feet away from your body, particularly your head. This equipment emits electromagnetic fields (EMF) which will affect your health and well-being over time.

4. No white or beige walls in the bedroom! Paint the walls a soothing color that you love. Stark walls will create a feeling of depression.

5. Don’t keep clutter in your bedroom. Allow space for you to breathe. Clutter can affect your health and your mindset even if it’s hidden under your bed. In fact, lots of stuff under the bed might disrupt your sleep.

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