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Your living room is the heart of the home. It is the place where friends and family gather to play games, watch a movie, visit or just hang out enjoying each other’s company. Your living room should be a space that everyone likes to be in; a warm, friendly and inviting place.

1)Choose the correct color scheme. While blue and grey may be popular colors, they tend to make a living room feel colder than is comfortable. Instead, choose soothing colors such as warm neutrals, soft maroons and pale yellows. These colors will enclose a living room space, making it feel cozier.

2)Create comfortable seating. Choose furnishings that have large, plush pillows or cushions. Avoid stark minimalism and hard seating. Also, make sure you have enough seating for everyone to fit comfortably. Consider purchasing a large sectional or two comfortable recliners.

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3)Use patterns wisely. Too many conflicting patterns will create too much energy; not enough patterns will make a living room feel cold and sterile. Consider starting with a neutral sofa and adding pillows with patterns to it, rather than a patterned sofa.

4)Create pools of light. Set lamps in the corners to create warm, intimate gathering or reading places. Hang window treatments on the windows that will block out or at least filter any direct sunlight. Keep the overhead lights turned off; too much light will discourage relaxation.

5)Add accessories. Place personal pictures on the walls or tables. Fresh flowers are always very welcoming to guests and will brighten up an otherwise dull room. Add a comfortable blanket to the sofa or chair to encourage guests to curl up and stay a while.

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