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Will my boyfriend ever marry me is a question many women wish they had an answer to. It’s frustrating and saddening to be in love with a man who just won’t commit to a more serious relationship.

The fact is, some men just aren’t wired for wedlock. You need to find out if your man is one of them. First, ask him how he feels about marriage, if it’s something he even sees for himself in the future. Next, coolly and calmly tell him how you feel. Say, “We obviously love each other, but I’m worried this relationship has hit a wall. It doesn’t have to be today, but are you ever going to be ready for something more?” If his reaction is positive and he seems willing to start making some decisions, that’s a really good sign. But if he’s argumentative and unwilling to talk about it, then you might be dealing with a nuptial nitwit. And unless you want to continue living in unwedded bliss, go find yourself a marriage-minded man.

7 reasons he’s afraid to commit

There are subtle signs in a man’s behavior that indicate that he does indeed want to get married. If you spot these in your boyfriend, you can rest assured that he’s thinking about popping the question.One of the signs he’ll commit to you is very subtle, but also very telling. We all talk about the future and what our hopes and dreams are. Listen carefully to how your boyfriend describes his future. If he speaks in terms of the two of you being together, that’s a really promising sign. However, if he uses the words “I” and “me”, he may still be stuck in the frame of mind of a single person. If he talks about his future and isn’t including you in it, chances are good that he’s no where near ready for any sort of commitment with you.

Another of the signs he wants to get more serious with you is he’ll start asking for your opinion more and more about important issues in his life. He may want you to tag along when he goes looking for a new apartment or he may discuss with you the merits of taking on a new job. He wants your input because he values you as someone very important to him.

Also, pay close attention to how he handles his own finances. Typically when a man is still entrenched in the dating phase of his life, he spends money without really giving it a lot of thought. However, when a man is starting to think about settling down with the woman he loves, he’ll talk more and more about retirement, savings and buying a home, rather than renting. If your guy is doing this he may be on the brink of popping the question.

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