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If you ever have trouble falling asleep, consider having one of these three things sometime before bed tonight–they could help you sleep better!

Trouble falling asleep? Try these tips from Glamour magazine:

Have some tea–with honey. McKeith points out that past studies have found that honey contains a natural compound called “orexin” that can help the brain to mellow out and prepare for sleep.

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Have a salad! Gillian McKeith, a holistic nutritionist and author of You Are What You Eat and Food Bible: How to Use Food to Cure What Ails You says that lettuce contains a “milky sap” that contains an “opium-like substance called lactucin that can help induce sleep and relaxation.” (Is that not the craziest fact you’ve heard in a long time?)

How about some oatmeal? Oats have a “tranquilizing and nerve-restorative properties” she says.

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