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When you spend your days parading the streets flanked by an army of photographers clamoring to take your photographs, wearing outlandish outfits is acceptable. When designers are sending you free clothes by the boatload, its ok to rock a $20,000 outfit. When you are a rock star, it is ok to dress like one. But for the rest of us, corsets with 4 inch spikes coming out of the hips could be quite disastrous, not to mention what would happen if we spent our rent money life savings on a Louis Vuitton outfit. Still, we don’t have to spend our lives dressing like the average joe. In fact, with the right resources, we can rock hot get ups with out breaking the bank, or looking like total idiots (walking down the street in jeweled leotards and 6 inch thigh high boots).

Many times i have looked (enviously) at Rihanna’s cutting edge outfits, and wished i had a stage and an audience to justify wearing many of the pieces she pulls off. Instead, here are five of her hautest looks revamped for girl like us, who are rock stars in our own heads (but maybe bot so much in our wallets).

Check out the gallery to see all of the looks recreated and made wearable using, where you can find all of the individual items:

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