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It should only take you about five minutes to clean up your bedroom each morning before you leave the house. Here are 4 easy ways to get you going:

1) Make your bed! As soon as you get out of bed, turn around and make it.  The room will instantly feel neater and cleaner.

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2) Clean off the night tables. Streamline your night tables by limiting the number of items you place on them. If you have books or magazines on your night tables, place them in a decorative basket.

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3) De-clutter the top of your dresser. Get rid of everything that’s currently on your dresser and keep the surface clean. Add a decorative vase, candle or picture frame. Invest in a small basket or small dish for those little items like jewelry or loose change. Empty it on the weekend when you do a more thorough cleaning.

4) Hang up all of your clothes. Get a hamper for your dirty items. Add hooks on the back of  your bedroom door to hang up robes and other pieces of clothing.  Invest in a shoe rack and place your shoes in them as soon as you walk in the door!

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