Ciara is a beautiful, talented dancer (oh, she sings too). Her performances are always fun to watch, as she manages to put on quite a show with her back breaking maneuvers and fierce attitude. We love her as an artist, but she does have a bit of dilemma in the style department. While her talent is unique, her style is more of a mix of everyone else’s. We’ve noticed that Ciara is very much influenced by whats going around her. Whatever the trend of the moment is, we’re bound to see Ciara jump on it; for example, all the celebrities started chopping off their hair (Rihanna in particular) and then Ciara copied the look, then pasted it right on to her own head (literally, via wig). If she is hanging out with a friend who has a definite signature look, almost automatically she adopts the look as her own. She recently became bffs with Kim Kardashian and we saw here repeating some of Kim’s outfits and recreating her glamorous style. If the general consensus is that Beyonce is the hottest chick in the game, then coincidentally we see Ciara copying some of her moves.

It seems that Ciara is in desperate need of a signature style. She needs a look that she can own. All of the hottest female performers have their own looks which are instantly recognizable and definable: Rihanna; rocker chic. Beyonce; glam goddess. Mary J. Blige, ghetto F-A-B. Alicia Keys; classic. Kelis; funky. Keri Hilson; tomboy chic

What do you think? Is Ciara really a copycat?

Take a look at this gallery to see the singer floundering between styles, trends and other people’s looks:

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