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Who doesn’t want to look more awake in the morning? After eight solid hours of sleep, even the world’s most rested Sleeping Beauty may have trouble looking awake and fresh in the morning.

Not to mention the mornings where you arise after having five cocktails, half your clothes on, smeared mascara, and three hours of sleep with not a drop of coffee to be found. That’s when these tips REALLY come in handy. Because really, who wants to hear from yet another obnoxious co-worker, “You look tired.” (Which by the way, who made that okay to ask???)

Anyways, below is a list of tips on how to look more awake in the morning. It may take a little makeup, but it should also take very little time.

Cold Water – You’re going to want to do two things with the cold water, first splash some on your face. If you’re brave enough, you can take this one step further by jumping in a cold shower as well. Cold water gets that blood flowing, which is going to make you less zombie like. The next thing you want to do with cold water is drink it. Your body is dehydrated after sleep, especially if you were consuming beverages of the alcoholic variety the previous night. The fact is nobody looks good while dehydrated or of course, hung-over.

Eye Drops – Yep, Visene gets the red out. And after sleepless nights your eyes may begin to take on a somewhat satanic shade of crimson. A few drops in the eyes to clear them up is definitely going to help you look more awake.

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Even Skin – You will need a clean palette for your face to look more awake, therefore concealer is a must. Make sure it is close to your skin tone as you want this look to be natural. Cover up any flaws, including pimples, under-eye circles, and splotchy patches. Don’t forget the inside corners of your eyes alongside the bridge of your nose. This area is naturally dark since it is usually shadowed. The best way to apply is by patting the concealer on trouble spots using your finger. Don’t rub; it will have the opposite effect.

Pearly Eye Shadow – It cannot be stressed enough how refreshed you can look by dabbing a bit of pearly eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes, as well as under your eyebrow arch. This is probably the single most important step of looking more awake. Choose a shadow in a tone that is pearl or bone colored and has a little bit of sparkle to it. Don’t go too blingy, but just enough to give the color an added layer.

Groomed Eyebrows – Having clean and groomed eyebrows can make a world of difference on a girl’s face. Having a nice arch free of strays can give your face a fresh look. When you wake up, try plucking any hairs that have gone awry and filling in the rest with a brow pencil to give a uniform and clean look.

Winged Eyes – To avoid stealing Cleopatra’s thunder, go easy on this step. Winged eyes look awesome at night, but can be tricky during the day. To look more awake and not go overboard, start a very thin line from above your pupil to the edge of your eye. At the end of your eye, pull the line slightly up and away. This should only be a slight feathered line, but it will also open up your eyes, which is really the key of looking more awake. FYI Liquid liner works best.

Pull Your Hair Up – Pony tail face lifts really work. They can also cause headaches. But by the time it starts to hurt you should have already been up for a couple hours and had a cup of coffee. At which point, you can loosen it up a bit. Anyways, your initial reaction in the morning may be to cover your face with your hair, but when it’s hanging straggly over your eyes it can end up making you look more tired. To look more awake, brush it off of your face and out of your eyes and pull it back tightly into a ponytail or even a messy bun. You’ll be forced to show your beautiful and fresh face.

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