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Celebs everywhere are speaking out on the stunt pulled by Kanye West last night at the VMAs. Some think he simply said what everyone was thinking – that Swift did not, in fact, deserve to win the Best Female Video Award. Others, like Kelly Clarkson and Pink, believe Swift’s win to be completely warranted. Regardless of their opinion, no one seems to think Kanye’s reaction was appropriate – not even Beyonce’s biggest supporters, former band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Here’s what they had to say, via their Twitter pages.


“OMG Kanyeeeeeeeeeee! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Oh Jesus Take The Hennesey Bottle AND The WHEEL!!!”

“Goodnite folks! Beyonce was absolutely gracious for what she did! That’s the God in her! Goodnight!”

“I just wanna know why do we continue 2 act a fool at award shows. U woulda thought the MTV awards was the Source Awards. What hapnd 2 class?”


“Can someone tell me what the F just happen??????”

“I LOVE Kanye and I LOVE TAYLOR, and OF COARSE I LOVE B!! But NO ONE should have a moment taken away from them….”

NO ONE!!! It’s room for everyone……..KANYE…WHY BOO???”

And I know B is SO gracious, she was TRULY happy for Taylor!!!! Taylor that was your moment, don’t let ANYONE, I don’t give a F who they are.”

“Don’t let them take that away from you!”

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