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As the summer comes to an end, its time to start thinking about your fall look.  Short hairstyles have been a huge trend this year as countless celebrities have been putting their locks on the chopping block, quite literally.  There are so many ways to totally transform or update your look with the scissors, and in some cases, with the clippers.  Here is an overview of the many short styles out there.  Consider any of these new styles to keep your tresses looking hip, current and fabulous.

Rock & Roll

By far the hottest trend for this fall in terms of short hairstyles is rocker chic.  Many celebs from Rihanna-who is arguably the ring leader in this category-to Chrisette Michelle are sporting this edgy look.  This hairstyle requires a more choppy cutting technique, experimentation with color and a whole lotta swagger.  Keep it very short and spiky, add a few colored highlights and you’re  ready to hit the streets in true rock star fashion.


Classic styles are more feminine and subtle.  As opposed to the choppy look of rocker chic looks, classic styles are more even and smooth.  Clean lines and symmetry are ultra important for a classic cut.  Also try a side bang or strategically place the hair to frame the face.  These looks will give you a classy professional look that will carry you easily form the board room to the nightclub.

The Bob

The medium bob is the longest of the short-do’s.  It requires a straight blunt cut.  Usually this style frames the face perfectly with an even bang and longer hair to the back and sides.  Opt for a classic black bob, or add some colored layers to make the look more edgy like Keri Hilson.

The Pinup

For those of you who loathe the scissors, or just aren’t ready to take the plunge, there is a solution for you too.  The pinup enables you the look without the actual cutting part.  Simply style hair, and then pin longer hairs under in the back until short look is achieved.  This is an excellent way to switch things up, and take a little break from your normal hair length and style with out cutting it off.

The Punk Shave

The newest and most daring trend this year is a variation of a popular punk style.  Are you brave enough to let a pair of clippers near your tresses? If yes, then prepare to feel a lot more breeze on one side of your scalp.  The Punk Shave, which was brought back from the ’80s by singer Cassie, requires you to shave a side of your head very low, almost like a one sided mohawk.  This style is only for the most brazen, but when done properly puts your swagger on a hundred, million, trillion.

The Buzz

The Buzz is the most severe of all short cuts.  It requires a complete shave.  This is the simplest and most complex look, as there is very little hair to work with, but it leaves you with a blank canvas to experiment with color and make up like Amber Rose.  You have to be able to work your baldie, but the buzz is definitely a strong look for the fall!

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