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Hey Goddesses,

Let’s have a Motivated Monday!

My personal intention for today is to try looking for the BEST not the worst. Sometimes I succeed and other times FAIL miserably, but it’s usually FUN! I know that sometimes it’s a daily battle for us with some people always trying to share their negativity.

That’s why it was especially refreshing to have this conversation in Brooklyn, New York with Malik Yoba, the actor best known from 90’s cop drama  New York Undercover.

Don’t you love it that America is a country that salutes the second act? Whether you decide to do one thing for your first act and become a star for your second act like Bea Arthur or Morgan Freeman who didn’t become stars until after 50, or you decide to diversify like Malik Yoba who is now a playwright as well as musician, this is possible.


What do you say?

Mwah! Share your inspiration.

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Have a great day being you~ despite the haters!

Velvet cupcakes & tiara kisses,


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