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UPDATE: I just found out that the female spotted with Usher is none other than his niece!!  Tameka’s sister is her mom.

Usher was spotted partying at Primal Nightclub Tuesday night with a female who may be his new arm piece. According to sandrarose.com,the photographer didn’t realize Usher was in the house until the DJ made an announcement.

I was told not to say that the chick with Usher is his girlfriend, so I won’t. But I will say that they were quite cosy in a darkened corner of the otherwise empty VIP area. Sources tell me the young lady sat in a sofa chair while Ush sat on the arm of the chair, his right leg overlapping hers. As the photographer approached, she quickly stood up.

The photographer snapped this photo just as Usher vigorously shooed him away. The photog was only able to squeeze off this one shot of Usher and his friend, who clearly has never experienced the wrath of Tameka. She looks so innocent and has no idea what she’s in for.

Usher definitely did not want to be seen. I wonder why he was being so cagey, after all it is public knowledge he’s getting divorced!!!

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