Having a lifelong companion is good for so many things in life. Putting aside all of the stereotypical jokes and connotations, marriage can actually be good for your health. Though some may argue that marriage can sometimes cause stress, it can provide some truly tangible health benefits that can make you live longer and be happier overall.

1. Marriage may help to protect your health. It is believed that there are many more economic and social benefits available to married couples, and therefore it can be beneficial to the health and care of an individual if they are married. They may have access to better resources or even health care in some instances.

2. Marriage offers companionship and friendship. In most cases, companionship can make a person happier. Knowing that you have a lifelong friend can be good for the mental health and therefore help a person to lead a long and healthier overall life.

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3. Married couples generally are in better health. It may have something to do with the fact that there is somebody else to take care of an individual or just that the bond of marriage makes health much more tangible. Whatever the true correlation, the statistics show that individuals who are married generally maintain a better picture of health and live longer.

4. Married couples are less likely to smoke. The statistics show that married couples tend to smoke less overall. As smoking can be a huge contributor to poor health, those couples that maintain a non-smoking status are believed to live longer and be much healthier.

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