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Woman riding bikeIf you’re tired of the treadmill, or just need a break from your regular routine, here are some great ideas for taking your workout outdoors from

Backyard boot camp:

This workout is fun and something you can set up in your backyard to create a circuit-style boot camp. Bring out your music, have your friends blow a whistle (or set a timer) when it’s time to move from station to station. You can do it on your schedule. Set up stations with what you have. Even without any equipment, you can set up a station for sit ups, pushups, squats, lunges and running in place. You can add equipment like a jump rope or stationary bike for cardio, a baseball bat to hold over head to do stretching and twists or dumbbells to enhance your squats and lunges. Be creative with what you have, at a minimum your body is a great weight.

Shorten your workout and burn fat faster

Intervals, Olympic street style:

Running the same distance on the same course every day can get boring. Adding speed and variety to your running sessions can truly spark your running. Whether it is block-to-block, tree to the next tree or phone pole to the next, set up small distances so that you can do a full-out sprint. Then, recover to the next distance with an easy walk or jog. Continue to repeat this for a few sets and build up the sets you do over time. This same type of speed work can be done at a nearby high school track.

Community workout trails:

Check out your local area to see if there are any local trails/paths that are already set up with exercises you can do at each station. This gets you outside, varies your routine and gives you a new challenge at each station–especially the pull-up bar!

Tour de You:

Get off the spin bike at the club and head outdoors for a trail ride. Cycling outside, whether on the road or a mountain bike path, is a refreshing way to tour the neighborhood. You can even take it to the next level by commuting to work on a bike as a personal green initiative.

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